How to choose the flooring for the baby's room?

How to choose the flooring for the baby’s room?

The child’s room is the place where the choice of flooring is of particular importance. What should we choose to make the solution practical and at the same time to ensure that our children like it?

The child’s room grows with the child. From infancy to adolescence, the design of the room varies according to the age and interests of the owner. As a rule, this is true for walls and the general interior, the replacement of flooring is performed not so often. Therefore, when choosing a flooring, we recommend selecting a material that will be appropriate for the owner of the room for the coming years.

The child’s room is the second place after the bedroom where carpeting is particularly suitable. Why? Firstly, the carpet itself is soft, which guarantees safe playing on the floor, the consequences of falling are mitigated when our baby is just learning how to walk. Secondly, the carpet creates a special calming comfort in the room and regulates the humidity in the room just like wood (it accumulates excess moisture and gives it back if the room becomes too dry). Many people are afraid of the appearance of ticks in the thick pile of the carpet, but this is an erroneous opinion. Moreover, one more advantage of this flooring is easy installation even on top of the previous flooring and subsequent dismantling.

Laminate is easily installed just like carpeting and is available in coloring very attractive for children and youngsters. Laminate by itself gives in to carpeting in terms of coziness and softness of the flooring, but at the same time it is more durable and resistant, especially to moisture. Therefore, designers of children’s rooms recommend it especially for gaming rooms of pre-school and school children.

Carpeting is the ideal solution for those parents who want their children to be warm and comfortable, but at the same time they do not plan to cover the wooden floor or parquet permanently. Additional advantages of carpets are the convenience of cleaning (for example, you can just take it and shake dust out or vacuum it) and the fact that at any time we can roll it up, move it to another place or just replace it with another one.